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Beware of what you get in the mail!

Us poor Winston Trails residents…we get bombarded by real estate agent postcards almost daily. Some of them look really nice, and you see those smiling faces every week. Lots of tactics and gimmicks…but you assume that the information is for real…don’t you?

Well, the latest salvo touts a “SOLD FOR ASKING PRICE” in bold letters. Now, even if I wasn’t an agent I would assume that to mean that the asking price is what the home sold for…seems plain enough. But the home in question was on the market at $250,000 and sold at $245,000. Close…no big deal, right?…but not what was advertised. FullSizeRender




Another very important ‘missing’ element was that this home, not a short sale or foreclosure sale, sold for only $122/sq. ft.! When the average Winston Trails sale in the past 6 months (excluding foreclosures and short sales) was $143/sq. ft.…

That’s 15% below the average price/sq. ft. in Winston Trails…You’ve got to believe that any agent…even a brand new one, could sell a home at full price (or close) when it is priced 15% below the average price/sq. ft. This home, in perfect shape, at average price/sq. ft. would have brought $285,000. I personally know that the home needed $20,000 +/- in updating, etc…but it sold at only $245,000.

Just a warning…be careful what you believe in regards to all of the real estate related mailings you get. If it seems too ‘slick’, ‘gimmicky’, etc…go with your gut.

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