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Recent Sales in Winston Trails

Below are Winston Trails homes sold in the past 3 months

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17 Winston Trails homes were sold over the previous 90 days, mapped below

Winston Trails Homes Sold Map

We'll detail the sales from the lowest to highest sales prices:

  1. $218,000: Muirfield Village Circle, Copenhagen, cash sale...complete rehab required
  2. $225,000: Green Island Drive, London model, cash sale
  3. $242,500: Green Island Circle, London model, cash sale
  4. $250,000: Green Island Blvd, Montreal model, lakefront, conventional mtg sale
  5. $256,500: Newport Village Way, Concorde model...completely remodeled, FHA mtg sale
  6. $277,000: Barton Creek Circle, Nairobi model, conventional mtg sale
  7. $278,000: La Gorce Circle, Casablanca model, conventional mtg sale
  8. $287,000: Barton Creek Circle, Nairobi model, VA mtg sale
  9. $300,000: Prairie Dunes Village Circle, Copenhagen model, pool, FHA mtg sale
  10. $312,000: Prairie Dunes Village Circle, Cairo model, lakefront, remodeled, conventional
  11. $325,000: Astoria Drive, Lexington model, pool, golf front, conventional 
  12. $325,000: Lake Nona Pl., Nairobi model, conventional
  13. $360,000: Lake Shore Village Circle, Venice model, pool, 3 car garage, conventional
  14. $365,000: Wedgewood Village Circle, Aspen model, top-to-bottom remodel, conventional
  15. $365,000: Indian Forest Circle, Venice model, lakefront, remodeled interior, conventional
  16. $414,000: Royal Birkdale Circle, Sydney model, pool, 3 car garage, golf front, conv.
  17. $425,000: Old Medinah Circle, Sydney model, pool, 3 car garage, golf front, conv.

Steve and Jackie Jackson have sold almost 500 Winston Trails homes...selling (and living in) Winston Trails since the construction trailer was up!

Thanks for taking the time to read our Winston Trails blog.

Steve Jackson

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