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Gimmick brokers can be verrrry expensive!

  • “If you buy a house from me…I will sell your house for free”!
  • “If we don’t sell your house…we’ll buy it ourselves”!
  • “We’ll list your house and only take 1%”!
  • “__________________________________”! (fill in the blank yourself)

poor_sellerJust reported as sold today, a home in Golfview Village that was listed by a “gimmick” broker…Nice 2 story house on the lake…big yard…asking price: $310,000…sold price: $260,000!

Unbelievable! This unfortunate seller…they thought they’d be smart and save money on commissions by hiring a gimmick company. But boy…did they end up paying.

A properly consulted, marketed, represented, and negotiated Winston Trails home sale will be at about 96-97% of asking, this poor home seller got less than 86% of what they were planning on!

There is a reason we have sold almost 500 Winston Trails homes, have been selling in here since the construction trailer was up, and continue to get referrals from past Winston Trails clients. Meet with us if you’re thinking of selling…there really is no substitute for the extensive experience we have.

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